Fast Fashion – the Unsustainable Industry

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The apparel industry is the second largest polluter in the world. The ecological and social impact of clothing industry is enormous. Fashion is a complex business involved non-transparent supply chain of raw materials, manufacturing and disposal.


The fast fashion industry makes huge social impact around the world. While a majority of the world apparel buyers are US based, more than 60 % of world clothing is manufactured in developing countries. Asia is a major exporter toady and we often read about labor unrest and strikes involves in production of fast fashion clothing.


The fast fashion concept triggers low cost sourcing model that’s make it unsustainable ecologically and socially. The fast fashion items are magnifying the issues from fiber choices, transparent manufacturing, impact of entire supply chain, reuse and recycling. The solution to reduce its impact lies in educating designers and consumers in the impact of their choices


The commercial forces in fast fashion industry are deciding


what to make?

How to make?

What quantities?

Where to source?

What cost?

Environmental and social impact?


While they decide all of the above for making huge retail profits and have lost the aspects of Textile science, Social science, Economic science, Environmental science – that help us to make sure we are not moving towards unsustainable industry.


The industry forces must promote Sensible Fashion instead of Fast Fashion by making proactive choices and actions that creates sustainability of market place.


The consumers should decide what commercial forces makes for them and what they need for sustainable living. Any thing that lower social and ecological capabilities, the society should push it away.


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