Big data “ the need of textile industry”

According to Wikipedia definition the big data is a term that use to refer to the study and application of big data sets that are so big and complex that the traditional techniques are inadequate to deal with them.

Big data is used to describe how these large amounts of data can be used to understand, analyze and addresses issues in a real time. Big data is a raw material for any domain expertise that requires help for growth and solving current sets of problems.

The textile industry is passing through a phase called “Fast Fashion” that creating a negative impact on environment and human lives across the globe. The impacts like microfiber pollution, landfills, water pollution, air pollution, health hazards and social issues were discussed across various forums along with potential solutions.

The big data is going to play very crucial role while addressing the issues pertaining to textile industry. The combination of big data and textile domain expertise will help to reduce negative impact of fast fashion overconsumption

The methodology for big data mining is a virtue of real time analytics

  • Monitoring
  • Analyzing
  • Interpreting
  • Identification
  • Implementation

Big data creates scope for growth and improvement for traditional industries like textiles and helps in creating tools required to do so.

The scale of textile industry is enough to sense the opportunities of bringing big data to the sector. Big data will provide an infrastructure for transparency in textile industry.

Improvement in supply chain, product quality, curbing negative environment & social impacts provide the greatest benefit of big data for textile manufacturing

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