Actual Cost of Fast Fashion

There are lot of surveys & studies available on social media platforms about consumer awareness to sustainable clothing and their willingness to pay more. The surveys indicate that consumers are aware about sustainable supply chain and don’t mind paying extra for sustainable production practices.

But the scenario pictured in these surveys didn’t reflect in actual world and demand for sustainable clothing is not reflecting in supply chain practices. The brands are still pressurizing for cheaper alternatives and suppliers are making it possible with non-sustainable practices.

The fashion brands are competing each other on prices and squeezing manufactures to reduce prices every time with a threat of shifting orders to low cost economy countries indirectly encouraging them to cut corners.

Fast fashion cycle ignores the social and environmental aspects to generate good profits. Labor & environment are paying prices for cheap clothing. The model of fast fashion build on careless production and endless consumption

Even as manufactures grapple with high raw material prices, retail apparel prices going down

The consumers should be aware about actual cost they are paying for fast fashion model which includes growing cost of human health & environment. Making consumers part of problem and make them realize, what they are paying over and above the cost mentioned on labels will definitely help in generating demand for sustainable clothing.


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