Consumers role in making clothing industry sustainable

Sustainable development is a system that meets the need of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Achieving sustainability in any business or process will enable the earth to continue supporting the needs to produce & consume.

Healthy ecosystem and environment are necessary to the survival. The producer and consumer together should think about sustainability to keep balancing what they take and what ecosystem generates?

The clothing industry is moving towards fast fashion cycle. The fast fashion cycles have negative impact on entire ecosystem by the way of

  • depletion of resources on much faster pace
  • Increase in pollution levels
  • Dumping waste

The producers are taking little steps in making clothing sustainable way, but justify fast fashion movements by the consumer demand

Therefore, consumers should think about mentioned aspects before justifying fast fashion buying

  1. Do I need & Will it last (Love your cloths and keep wearing them for longer periods)
  2. Ask suppliers about environment impact in making & usage (sustainable labelling)
  3. Take care of your cloths (read care labels)
  4. Select brand & retailers based on transparency (about their supply chain)
  5. Less maintenance needs
  6. Recyclability

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