Textile Processing – Environment & Compliance Standards “bluesign”

The bluesign is a system that helps suppliers to produce sustainable, safer & ethical textiles. It screens hazardous substances right from the beginning of the textile supply chain and define the standards for an environmentally friendly, safe and socially right production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product.

The five principals of bluesign system are

  • Resource productivity
  • Consumer safety
  • Water emission
  • Air emission
  • Occupational health & Safety

To become a bluesign partner (Brands, Manufactures & Chemical Suppliers) must follow the criteria defined for requirements of inputs, production sites, and products. Bluesign system partners are required to meet a must high level of standards for people and environment. The companies are audited regularly by on site assessment. The certified products may be label as bluesign approved.

A useful feature of the bluesign system is the definition of limit values and ban for the chemical components based on latest scientific studies.

The criteria are –

Criteria of homologation / Criteria of production sites and companies / Criteria for consumer goods

The criteria of homologation (risk assessment of chemicals) is defined by ratings.

  • Blue Category (meet all requirements)
  • Grey Category (can be used in certain defined conditions)
  • Black Category (Banned)

The criteria of production sites and companies follow the principle of best available sustainable technology and social responsibility defined by UN standards

The criteria for consumer goods is defined by bluesign system substance list – BSSL (consumer safety limits)

Consumer products carrying the bluesign product label meet the strict safety and environmental requirements of the bluesign criteria. These products are made of bluesign approved fabrics and accessories and are produced in a resource conserving way with a minimum impact on people and the environment.

Chemical formulations reviewed by Bluesign will be recognized as having Level 3 conformance and will be listed on the ZDHC Gateway

(source of article – https://www.bluesign.com/index.html)


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