Earth Overshoot Day

This means that by the particular day we have consumed our entire global natural resource budget for the year

We human beings need ecological resources for our survival and the demand for natural resources continues to exceed how much the natural world can generate every year. For this reason, the Global Footprint Network marks Earth Overshoot Day, the date each year when we have consumed more than the sustainable share of resources that Earth can replenish that year.

As per the Global Footprint Network Report that outlines how the date of Earth Overshoot Day was calculated. To determine Earth Overshoot Day, one needs to calculate the ratio between the Earth’s ability to generate resources or its biocapacity, and humanity’s demands placed upon nature, its Ecological Footprint.

Let’s pledge to move the date for EarthOvershootDay in a positive direction for the year 2022 by way of reducing our own consumption, educating people to do the same and write policymakers and ask them to make legislation for sustainable production and consumption

Article Source: Fashion Revolution / Global Footprint Network / iflscience


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