To understand what ecosomatics is, it will be helpful, to begin with, a definition of somatics. Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies that emphasizes internal physical perception and experience.

Ecosomatics illustrate that ecology, environment, and the lived experience of the body are inseparable

An ecosomatic Transformation is an approach that includes a somatic process of embodied change with the principles of deep ecology to produce satisfaction and fulfilment in individuals, couples, families, communities, and organizations. Ecosomatics connects deeply to the essence of values, morals, ethics, and standards to the extent that those values can be lived and embodied. This means that the actions, habits, and practices of individuals and organizations as a whole are aligned, lived, and expressed by how individuals relate and care for each other and how important decisions are made.

We live and organize all aspects of our life as part of and not separate from, the natural world – personally and professionally – in accordance with values that regard all life as sacred. This leads to living as balanced, generative human beings and organizations in a balanced, generative world. In organizational life, this implies living the mission and values of the organization. Organizations live in a set of practices that define who they are. There are assessments about organizations, about customer service, products, as a place to work, environmentally conscious, and pay rates, etc. How organizations are seen is directly related to what is practised and how those practices happen.

Sources: Mark Mooney Coaching /bcollective /Wikipedia

Image: bodymettaspore


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