Planet Textiles 2018 # A PITCH FOR THE PLANET

Micro fibre pollution, recycling of discarded clothing, biodegradability, chemical management, microbes for making chemicals & dyes were main themes at the Planet Textiles 2018 held at Vancouver Canada on 22nd May

The event which focuses on sustainability in fashion supply chain brought together specialists across manufacturing and regions

Held in partnership with SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition) and MCL news & media the conference agenda was focus on clothing microfibre pollution, chemical management, deforestation, financial mechanisms for sustainable innovations, a pitch for the planet – session addressed by innovators focused on various part of fashion supply chain.

A pitch for the planet session moderated by Rogier van Mazijk of “Fashion for Good” focus on progress towards more sustainable alternatives – promising technologies that can be scaled up in coming future.

Textile dyes and chemicals made using microbes was relatively new insight for audience. Proklean Technologies VP Business Development & Environmental Sustainability Karun Tyagi spoken about the process of making metabolites from consortium of natural microbes (probiotics) that has been used for diverse industrial applications like textiles, leather, waste water management etc. The textile chemicals made from probiotics can overcome or reduce the challenges faced by textile wet processing industry like high usage of water & energy, high effluent discharge, toxic waste etc. The environmental benefits of Probiotic technology are

  • Up to 20% saving on water & energy
  • Up to 30% reduction in effluent load
  • Up to 40% reduction in chemical usage
  • Up to 15% reduction in processing time
  • Safer for users
  • Readily biodegradable

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