Fashion & sustainability are two different scenario, fashion is fast moving, and sustainability is about responsibility. Fast fashion hasn’t been sustainable while considering its long-term impact on social life and environment.

The clothing sales were increases dramatically in last five years and today consumer is having around 4 to 5 times of clothes as compared to their parents. Consumers are buying clothes to keep them happy which is quite opposite to the need-based buying. The fast fashion clothing available at cheaper rates that complies consumer to buy more in short intervals, as they don’t see actual cost of impact on social life and environment

Fast fashion and its impact on sustainability always creates debate where all parties blame to each other. Brands & retailers blames consumer for demand of cheap fashionable clothing, consumers blame brands for not being transparent and NGO’s blame brand for unethical practices.

So, the important question is that, can fast fashion and sustainability co-exist? The answer is yes, the actions are in transition phase. The important aspect of making fast fashion sustainable is to map potential environmental and social impact through life cycle assessment


Consumers should be aware about true cost of fast fashion clothing which is different from labelled prices. The true cost includes

  • Cost of resource depletion
  • Consequences of chemical pesticides use
  • Social impact cost
  • Cost of water and air pollution
  • Cost of chemical exposure
  • Landfill usage

The buyers should make mechanism to show the true cost on clothing labels that triggers into mindful consumption

The consumers should also think about environmental and social impact, read label more carefully, take care of clothes to increase longevity


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