Made Green initiatives for Textile Wet Processing

The textile wet processing faces many challenges related to environment & product safety but two most severe out of all are related to Water (high usage of fresh water and high contribution to water pollution) and Failure to Restrictive substances on end article. The brands and end consumers are getting aware about these challenges via reports published by NGO’s and independent testing laboratories. The made green initiatives are gaining momentum and various protocols were generated by brands and testing laboratories to make compliance with environmental & product safety norms.

There are multiple environmental certification & product safety labels in the textile wet processing sector, the most common ones are Oeko tex, GOTS, REACH, Bluesign, C2C & ZDHC. These programmes either take care about restrictive substance list (RSL), waste water guidelines or both. Even brands & retailers are also making efforts to build their own guidelines related to RSL and asking their suppliers to compliant with it.

Many brands & retailers are joining common certification initiative like ZDHC manufacturing restrictive substance list (MRSL) and waste water guidelines. The constant efforts are building pressure on manufactures to adopt sustainable practices and chemical industries to provide safer chemicals

But there is still lot to do, the most common problem faced by manufactures is to complaint with multiple certifications that add to confusion and cost. The efforts should be made to build consensus among all brand & retailers to follow single stringent list to complaint at sustainable testing cost


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